Tuesday, 28 June 2011


erkkk,,,aku rse..arrr,,aku rindu ko. ok,bye ( da xtaw nk luah an cmne ni ) huhu.

Monday, 20 June 2011

i'm over you, diet coke !

some of u know that back in november, i gave up my one-a-day- diet coke habit. understanding that one a day was not really such a bad habit, i nonetheless knew that it was nothing but bad for me, and decide to make the switch. what did i switch to ? tea

the reason i switched was health, but he decision was facilitated by my extremly handy father who installed an instant hot water tap in my kitchen. being a busy person, the appeal of mug-bag-tap instant tea was ingenious in its simplicity. no kettles. no waiting. beautiful.

i've bought piles and piles different teas... black, green, white, red . flavored. iced and hot. sweetend and unsweetened.  it's such a nice variety, and i've found that i can easily shift flavors with mood and weather. lovely!

right now my fave is trader joe's ruby red chai. it taste great hot and cold, sweet and plain, with and without milk. other favorites include just about anything by mighty leaf, and the occasional jasmine gren tea.

i still enjoy an occasional diet coke at restaurant, but MAN am i glad i made the switch. i've saved money, added variety, and maybe, just maybe, saved a little bit of myself . taaraaaaa !